Review: O Mistress Moon: Canadian Edition | ComposHer


After releasing an album designed around the theme of the night in 2018 entitled O Mistress Moon, pianist Jennifer King returns with a variation, O Mistress Moon – Canadian Version, focusing on contemporary and Canadian composers. The opportunity to hear, among other things, a little-known piece by Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté, the nocturne E.93 from the pieces "From my childhood", with a nostalgic and languorous allure. Composer and guitarist Amy Brandon sees performed here "Frost Moon", an astonishing work, which behind its nocturnal atmosphere hides a form of disturbing agitation and which was specially commissioned by pianist Jennifer King in 2021. It follows "Gliese 581 c », a short piece by Emily Doolittle painting an impression of the spatial environment, giving a feeling of weightlessness. A past master in the art of music composed around the theme of the night and the moon, Jennifer King knows how to pay homage to these contemporary works and delivers a very beautiful program. Raphaël Godefroid